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In June 2017, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) announced that they will be raising the age limit for working holiday makers (417 and 462 visa subclasses) from 30 up to 35. This announcement was met with ovation from backpackers across the land.

However, all is not what it seems…

Although it is true that DIBP had raised the age limit for the 417 and 462 visa subclasses from 30 up to 35, they have not raised the limit for each eligible country at this stage. Currently, DIBP have conditions in place to keep the age limit for all eligible countries at 30.

Unfortunately, this has left thousands of working holiday makers disappointed.


The reason why the legislation was changed for the 417 and 462 visa subclasses and not the specific countries themselves, could be for a range of reasons. The most likely motivation is so each country can negotiate with DIBP the raising of the age limit for their reciprocal visa agreements.

Since DIBP have the law change already in place, it will be a fast process to increase the age limit to specific countries when the time comes and agreements are made with participating countries.

Until this actually happens, the age limit will remain at 30.

What now?

If you are already in Australia on your first 417 or 462 visa, we would recommend completing the regional work component (or 462 extension) of your visa. Country specific age increases could happen at any time, so be prepared for this.

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