Setting you on the right pathway

Immigration Gurus offer an affordable, professional and personalised service to assist you in your goal to make this great country your home, either on a temporary or permanent basis. This service includes:

  • Detailed advice on what visa options are available to you
  • A structured pathway to get your desired outcome
  • Informing you of assessments or tests you must undergo prior to application
  • Preparing your visa application in a professional and accurate format
  • Reviewing all documentation and relevant forms
  • Liaising with other agencies on your behalf
  • Lodging your application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)
  • Act on your behalf throughout the process of your visa application
  • Liaise with the DIBP regarding your visa application
  • Monitor and inform you of the status and progress of your visa
  • Provide ongoing support and assistance while your visa is processed
  • Immediately notify you of the outcome of your visa application

Your Options

Whether visiting for less than 72 hours or planning to stay for several years, all visitors to Australia must have a visa. And that’s where Immigration Gurus comes in. We can give you appropriate and up-to-date advice on the visa that best suits your particular circumstance and we will process your application without delay. Read more about the visa category that applies to you and get in touch with us today.


With the right visa you can study in Australia, whether you simply want to improve your English in the best English speaking country in the world or join one of Australia’s top universities in their prestigious PHD programs, we can find the right visa for you. Last year, Australia hosted the highest number of international higher education students ever, and the government now describes the “international education” sector as a $32 billion export industry. The Australian education system has a pretty impressive report card.

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Sponsored Work Visa

Employer sponsored visas currently make up the largest number of visas granted in the skilled migrant intake to Australia. They total about 40 per cent of the skilled migrant intake, which constitutes a large proportion of the migrant population. Employers can sponsor workers under three visa categories, read more to find out.

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General Skilled Visa

If you are under 50 years old, highly skilled and are likely to make an immediate contribution to the Australian economy, then the General Skilled Visa program is tailor-made for you. This visa category offers a permanent residency visa (migration) and unrestricted working rights. This is a points based system. With some basic information from you we can give you an appraisal on your eligibility.

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Partner Visa

The Australian immigration system recognises the need for loved ones to be together, no matter what country your partner comes from. The scheme allows eligible persons to sponsor their spouse, fiancé or de-facto partner to join them in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. Large numbers of partner visa cases are heavily scrutinised, so we highly recommend our professional services.

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Parent, family, and Child Visa

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection recognises the need for family members to be together, and the support dependent family members require from their close relatives. The family migration scheme allows eligible persons to sponsor their family members to join them in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis.

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Australian Citizenship

If you meet the criteria an application for citizenship can be straightforward. However, there are many circumstances when this is not the case. Whether you have ancestral claims or former residency, Immigration Gurus can assist in establishing the appropriate pathway for you to claim your citizenship entitlement.

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Administrative Appeals Tribunal 

In the event that your visa application is not successful, or if you have a current immigration decision you would like to challenge, you may apply for a review of the decision – through the Migration and Refugee Division (MRD) of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). We have successfully represented many clients at the AAT.

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