Temporary Work Visa – Short Stay Specialist (Subclass 400)

The Temporary Work – Short Stay Specialist (Subclass 400) Visa allows you to come to Australia for a short-term, usually 3-6 months, to complete highly specialised non-ongoing work. This visa exists to allow Australian businesses to contract international specialists to complete highly specialised, short term projects.

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How does the Temporary Work – Short Stay (400) Visa work?

A Subclass 400 Visa allows you to carry out short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work within Australia.  In limited circumstances, you can participate in an activity or work relating to Australia’s interests.  You can include and bring your family with you. Usually, you will need to be invited or sponsored by an Australian business or organisation and to show that the work you will be completing is specialised and non-ongoing.  You will need to demonstrate that you have the qualification and experience to complete the specialised work. You will usually need to demonstrate that the activity is likely to be completed within 3 months. A stay of up to 6 months may be considered where there is a strong business case.  The scope of what the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will accept as Specialised Work is considered on a case by case basis and can cover a broad range of projects.

The 400 Visa has two main streams

The Highly Specialised Work Stream

Allows you to work for 3 months, on a highly specialised non-ongoing project.

Australia’s Interests Stream

Lets you do highly specialised work in compelling circumstances that are affecting Australia’s interests such as major disasters or emergencies.

Temporary Work Short Stay Specialist (400)  Visa – The basics

  • Be older than 18 years
  • Apply from outside of Australia
  • Have highly specialised skills, knowledge or experience that are not generally available in Australia
  • Prove that you are required to work in Australia.
  • Demonstrate a financial capacity to support yourself during the project.
  • Only work on the project for which the Visa is granted
  • Meet the health & character requirements.