491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa

A 491 Skilled Work Regional Visa is a temporary points-tested visa who offers invited & nominated skilled workers to live and work in regional Australia for 5 years with a permanent residency pathway available after 3 years.

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With the 491 Skilled Work Regional Visa (491), you can:

  • Stay in Australia for 5 years
  • Live, work and study in a designated regional area of Australia
  • Include eligible family members to come and live with you in Regional Australia temporarily
  • Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want while your visa is valid
  • If eligible, apply for permanent residence after 3 years


To be eligible for the 491 Skilled Work Regional Visa you must:

  • Be either nominated by State or Territory Government Agency or sponsored by an eligible relative
  • Have an occupation on the relevant Skilled State/Territory Occupation list
  • Have a suitable skills assessment
  • Be under 45 years of age
  • be invited by the Department of Home Affairs to apply for the visa
  • Satisfy the points test
  • Meet the English skills requirement
  • Meet the health & character requirements

491 Skilled Nominated Visa - Steps

Meet all the eligibility requirements

Obtain a Skills Assessment

You must obtain a suitable Skills Assessment for your occupation. To do this you will need to submit your qualifications and evidence of professional experience with an authorised skills assessing authority. Your skills assessment will need to be obtained less than 3 years before the date of your invitation.

Submit an Expression of Interest through Skill Select

Once you are certain that you meet the eligibility criteria and that you hold at least 65 points, you will need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) with Skill Select. Once submitted your EOI will be seen by the Australian authorities as well as available to Australian employers seeking someone with your qualifications. Your EOI will remain valid for selection up to 2 years.

If your EOI is selected by the DHA you will be issued with an invitation to apply for your Skilled Work Regional Visa (491) application. The invitation will be based on the information contained in your EOI so it is critical that this is correct at the time that the invitation is issued.

If not sponsored by a relative, you must indicate the states or territories that you want to consider you for nomination. You must also be sure that you will meet the nomination criteria for each state. All state and territory government agencies have their own criteria for deciding who they will nominate.

Receive & Accept State Nomination (If not sponsored by a relative)

If your EOI is selected by a state for nomination, that state or territory will inform you of your nomination and require you to agree to the state nomination requirements.

Apply for the Skilled Work Regional Visa (491)

Within 60 days of receiving your invitation from Skills Select you will need to submit your 491 Visa Application with the DHA.  It can take many months for the DHA to consider and grant your visa application.

You will be granted a visa that will allow you to live and work in a designated regional area for 5 years. After 3 years you may be able to apply for permanent residence.