“Australians all let us rejoice for we are young and free …” The opening lyrics of the Australian national anthem are indeed music to the ears of all new Australians. The song is not only a welcome to a bountiful country of “beauty rich and rare” but its words also extol the benefits of being an Australian citizen … freedom, equality, opportunity, a secure place to live, an enviable lifestyle, good wages, high education standards, protection for the vulnerable in the community.
These are just some of the advantages of calling Australia home. And when the new citizen wants to travel to visit family elsewhere, the Aussie passport comes into its own.

It’s ranked as one of the best in the world, according to an index by Henley & Partners, a global consultancy in residence and Australian Citizenship planning. Aussie passport holders are able to travel to 167 countries in the world without requiring visas.

If you meet the criteria, an application for Australian Citizenship can be straightforward however there are many circumstances when this is not the case. Whether you have ancestral claims or former residency Immigration Gurus can assist in establishing the appropriate pathway for you to claim your Australian Citizenship entitlement.

Why choose Immigration Gurus to Assist for Australian Citizenship

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How does Australian Citizenship Work?

  • It is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers who have a nominating employer.
  • The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) allows Australian employers to nominate skilled foreign employees to work in Australia on a subclass 186 permanent residence visa.
  • This visa involves a two-step process; a nomination by an approved Australian employer and a visa application by the skilled overseas worker.
  • Applicants can be in or outside Australia when they apply for this visa. Applicants must have a valid visa or a bridging visa A, B, or C to apply for this visa in Australia.

4 Years Living in Australia

One Year Permanent Resident

Meet Other Key Criteria