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Immigration Gurus have a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping our clients attain a Fiancé or Partner Visa for Australia. We understand and value the importance of you and your loving partner being together.

The Australian immigration system recognises the need for de-facto parnters, fiancés and spouses to be together, whatever corner of the world they may come from. The partner visa scheme allows eligible persons to sponsor their de-facto partner, fiancé or spouse to join them in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis.

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How Immigration Gurus Cairns can help

The Immigration Gurus have helped hundreds of Australian citizens or permanent residents sponsor a partner or family member to relocate to Australia. We handle your whole application and take the stress out of the complicated immigration process.

Partner Visa

Under Australian migration law, Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens are able to sponsor their partner (spouse, fiancé, defacto or interdependent partner) to migrate to Australia on a Partner Visa. There are two types of Partner Visas – a Spouse Visa or a Fiancé Visa.

De-Facto or Spouse Visa

To be eligible you must be married, in a de-facto or interdependent relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. If your application for a spouse visa is approved, you or your spouse will be granted a provisional visa for two years after which the application will be assessed against the criteria for a permanent visa. As a part of the application process, you will be required to demonstrate the genuineness and ongoing nature of your relationship. You can do this by providing a range of documents and statements in support of your application. You and your spouse may also be required to attend an interview.

Fiancé Visa

In order to qualify for a fiancé visa (as well as meeting other criteria) you must be engaged to an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

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The Immigration Gurus are reliable, effective and helped us to get our partner visa. They closely followed our case which made us feel they were very professional and made us feel relieved. They always updated our case situation and progress. If someone is looking for a good quality immigration consultation service, we have no doubt to recommend the Immigration Gurus to them. We are very happy that we chose them.

ZoePartner Visa

The Immigration Gurus were fantastic in helping me obtain the right visa. The team were very organised and professional during the application process and made sure that I was given the best chance of success. Their expert advice gave me confidence from the lodgement date until my visa was granted. I would highly recommend the Immigration Gurus to anyone looking for top quality immigration advice.

JuliaPartner Visa

The Immigration Gurus made me feel comfortable asking questions and when the government changed the rules during my application, they bent over backwards to help me and my partner get our submission in. I appreciate everything the Gurus did, thanks for helping us get our de-facto partnership visa!

RachelPartner Visa

Thank you so much to the Immigration Guru team, you are all such genuine, professional and approachable individuals. We had a great feeling about Nat and his team and we weren't disappointed, they guided us all the way. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone!

EmiliaPartner Visa

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