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Australia’s Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, has called for Australia’s citizenship test to be bolstered. Mr. Dutton believes that a stronger test, as well as a greater focus on people’s ability to integrate into Australian society – an individual’s willingness to learn English, educate their children and employment prospects or potential welfare dependence, are all key aspects of a strong citizenship process.

Currently, the citizenship test asks the participant to answer 20 Australian centred questions and to pass the test, the participant must score at least 15 correct answers.

Can you answer all these 15 questions correctly?

Citizenship test questions are sampled at random from a large pool, we have assembled a selection of 15 below. See how you go!

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a) Which of these is a role of the Governor-General?

  1. The signing of Bills passed by the Australian Parliament
  2. The appointment of state premiers
  3. The appointment of the Head of State

b) What is the name of the legal document that sets out the rules for the government of Australia?

  1. The Australian Federation
  2. The Australian Commonwealth
  3. The Australian Constitution

c) Which of these is an example of freedom of speech?

  1. Men and women are treated equally in a court of law
  2. Australians are free to not follow a religion
  3. People can peacefully protest against government decisions

d) What do we remember on Anzac Day?

  1. The arrival of the first free settlers from Great Britain
  2. The landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove
  3. The landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps at Gallipoli, Turkey

e) Which arm of government has the power to interpret and apply laws?

  1. Judicial
  2. Executive
  3. Legislative

f) What are the colours of the Australian Aboriginal Flag?

  1. Black, red and yellow
  2. Green, white and black
  3. Blue, white and green

g) Which of these statements about voting in Australian elections is correct?

  1. Voting is by a show of hands
  2. People are free and safe to vote for any candidate
  3. People must write their name on their vote

h) Which official symbol of Australia identifies Commonwealth property?

  1. Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  2. The national anthem
  3. Australia’s national flower

i) What happened in Australia on 1 January 1901?

  1. The Australian Constitution came into effect
  2. The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps was formed
  3. The Australian Constitution was changed by a referendum

j) What is a referendum?

  1. A vote to change the government
  2. A vote to change the Australian Constitution
  3. A vote to change the Prime Minister

k) Which of these is a responsibility of Australian citizens aged 18 years or over?

  1. To vote in elections
  2. To attend local council meetings
  3. To have a current Australian passport

l) Which of these statements about Australia’s system of government is correct?

  1. The Queen of Australia chooses people to form the Australian Parliament
  2. The government is elected by the people
  3. The Prime Minister chooses our Members of Parliament

m) Which of these statements about government in Australia is correct?

  1. The government does not allow some religions
  2. Religious laws are passed by parliament
  3. Government in Australia is secular

n) Which of these statements about passports is correct?

  1. Permanent residents can hold an Australian passport
  2. Australian citizens can apply for an Australian passport
  3. Australian citizens need a passport and visa to return to Australia

o) Which of these is a responsibility of Australian citizens aged 18 years or over?

  1. To do local community service
  2. To carry a passport at all times
  3. To serve on a jury if called to do so

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Answers: a1, b3, c3, d3, e1, f1, g2, h1, i1, j2, k1, l2, m3, n2, 03