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Immigration was a frontline issue for many in the UK as the recent referendum called for a “Brexit”, voting in favour to leave the European Union. The Brits are now looking to Australia’s immigration model in the wake of the vote, with many calling to adopt a points based system to encourage the migration of skilled workers to the UK.
Experts said the Australian system has helped the island state to become an immigrant rich country. Australia receives about a million inquiries each year from potential migrants, and ends up accepting about 200,000 people or 20 per cent, which equates to one of the highest migration rates in the world. Australia has put a greater focus on the points based system over the past few decades, and skilled migrants now make up a majority of Australia’s migrant population.
All eyes are on the UK’s next move and at the moment, it doesn’t look like there will be a drastic change in immigration policy until further discussions about the “Brexit” vote take place.