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On July 1st the federal government announced changes to the Visa application Fees, Working Holiday Visas(Subclass 417)  and Working and Holiday Visas (Subclass 462). These changes reflect growing relationships with other countries, and changes to the economy.

Fee Increases

A new legislative instrument was introduced in order to amend Migration Regulations, specifically fees. The changes come as a result of changes in the 2019/20 Budget Paper No 1. and the Visa Application Charge – Uplift as part of the Federal budget, these documents create a 2.25% and 5.4% increase respectively. The charge has been added to the current Application fees and rounded up to the nearest $5.

These increases came into effect as of 1 July 2019, excluding the new Skilled Regional Visas which the cost increases will commence on 16 November 2019.

Working holiday Visas (Subclass 417)

Late last year the federal government announced an amendment to this visa class which increased the maximum eligibility age for nationals from Canada and Ireland to 35. Now France is joining the club, with the government increasing the maximum eligibility age from 30 to 35 as of July 1st, 2019. All other countries are yet to be added this exclusive club however, the development does show an increasing possibility of strengthening relationships with other countries. Watch this space for further developments and who will be the next lucky country to be added.

Working And Holiday Visas (Subclass 462)

The Federal Government has announced multiple changes to the eligibility and process of those looking to apply for a 462 Visa. Greek and Ecuadorian citizens are now eligible for this visa, they join the other 23 countries on this list and although they may be late to the party, they are here now.

In addition, the government has made changes to the requirements of those wishing to apply for the 462 visa. Applicant from countries such as Austria, Portugal, and Spain will no longer need to provide a letter of government support provide the applicant is in possession of a valid passport from their home country. Furthermore, the amendment has partly decreased the need to submit a form 1208 for particular applicants. Applicants from countries such as Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand will now not need to submit a form 1208 provided they are able to submit an authorising email sent by a Department Officer to the Applicant.


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