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Australia’s population has exceeded 24 million for the first time, as reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday. The milestone was predicted to have occurred at 12:50am (AEDT) on Tuesday the 15th, according to the ABS population clock.
The ABS combined data from the birth and death rate with information from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to project the milestone figure. The ABS also reported that Victoria overtook Western Australia as the fastest growing region in the land. Australia is ranked as the world’s 52nd most populated country behind North Korea (25,281,000) and Angola (24,383,301).
Here is an interesting snapshot of Australia’s population since 1900:
1900 – 3,715,000
1920 – 5,303,000
1940 – 7,004,000
1960 – 10,160,000
1980 – 14,515,000
2000 – 18,925,000
2016 – 24,000,000